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Hollow Earth Quest Press Release

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HOLLOW EARTH QUEST script movie series win constant festival awards and ready for the big screen!!
The Hollow Earth Quest screenplay for the book-to-film movie project is the 1st of a trilogy series of scripts. Two of the book series have been adapted to screenplays by the award-winning screenwriting team, Colin and Kathy Stewart.
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Sept. 24, 2019 - PRLog -- Danny Weiss is author and creator of the story idea and concept for the Hollow Earth book series. The screenplay from the first book, Hollow Earth Quest, is winning many prestigious Film Festival awards around the world, including 2 best sci-fi script wins and 11 best feature script wins to date. Here are just a few awards for example:
• Los Angeles Film Awards – Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
• New York Film Awards – Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
• Festigious International Film Award – Best Screenplay Feature
For a complete list of wins and awards for both screenplays go to the following websites: and
Danny's books have garnered constantly award-winning screenplays. Kathy Krantz Stewart wrote the screenplay Hollow Earth Quest from the 1st book. The award-winning script Escape from Hollow Earth was written by Colin K. Stewart from Danny's second book. Kathy and Colin are on IMDb.
Hollow Earth Quest is based on a true story and the book written by Danny L. Weiss where A man journeys on his life-long quest for Truth throughout adulthood to find mysterious connections to Inner Earth Beings. The screenplay is written by award-winning screenwriter, actress, and producer, Kathy Krantz-Stewart.
In the story, Dan is on a true modern-day Don Quixote Quest, exposing biblical mysteries, historical WWII plots, and UFO myths through the eyes of a modern-day witness.
Hollow Earth Quest is based on a true story of an explorer extraordinaire that changes everything we thought we knew about WWII, Admiral Byrd, UFO encounters and Jesus Christ. This script is ready for the screen!
The screenplay exploits are based on Danny Weiss' blockbuster book, The Hollow Earth Revisited. Dan's story clarifies answers to existential questions and yearnings of every human being. Dan tracks down an aging controversial former U-boat commander, Ritter Von X. Dan recounts hours of taped conversations, letters, phone calls and meetings in which Von X discloses his connections to Hollow Earth Beings.
Danny transcribed the mountain of controversial notes with the guidance of his brother, Fred, and a neighbor, Wanda. As a result, Danny sets forth on his own quest for the truth about the Hollow Earth. The former Vietnam munitions expert suffers from dangerous psychic experiences through the treacherous interiors of his own mind. Ironically, being plummeted into cosmic worlds clarifies his mission to finally discover answers to age-old questions. Dan's true-story depiction is incredible, leaving people in awe.
Dan is a member of IMDb at and founder of the Hollow Earth Research Society (HERS) previously known as The International Society of a Complete Earth. (ISCE) found at
Bringing Hollow Earth Quest ready for the Big Screen took months of collaboration by Dan with award-winning screenwriter Kathy Krantz-Stewart. IMDb page is Screenwriting site:  
According to Dan, "Kathy is not only known throughout Hollywood and the world for her exceptional ability as a screenwriter, actress and producer. She is incredibly devoted to her clients with the ability to work with them by all unmatchable standards, is patient and compassionate with a flair of passion to bring your dreams to screen.

Her slogan, 'Follow your dreams.....make it so' is her message and leap of faith."

Dan's mission statement is "Once again, to rediscover and reawaken the origin of our true being and life's blueprint. A conscious vision proclaimed by the ancient prophets while destined to receive the origin of its full power into a center as one, within our hearts, mind, body and soul who dare to listen and take action."
Kathy's reply to Dan, "I am thrilled with all the dozens of film festival awards for the first two screenplays of the trilogy. To be involved in this movie project, which delves into the popular and wonderous theory of the reality of a middle earth, is exciting. I believe the genres of fantasy and sci-fi could be more explored because of this fun future movie series.  We are looking for interested producers to get involved with this exciting movies series and TV series project."
Also planned is a TV series with the exploration of the Hollow Earth theory. It is now being written for a very exciting TV series by this team.
Interested Producers and Investors for this exciting new screen project, Hollow Earth Quest, can contact the owner-author of the book at Danny Weiss' email
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310 691 9333
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